Welcome to Field Education!

Field Education provides the laboratory for learning at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. 

We connect you to an internship site where you engage in the practice of ministry with the support of a site supervisor, a peer group and a site committee.  Field Education is your opportunity to put theory into practice through experimenting, taking risks, using your imagination,and deeply reflecting on your vocational call. We have a rich network of diverse ministry sites and partner organizations to encourage a well rounded practice of ministry experience.

Visit us on the 3rd floor of the main building, Room 307, to share a time of conversation about your call and vocational goals, or simply to say "Hi!"

Please contact us if you have and questions or need assistance.


Director of Field Education

Rev. Dr. Ken Ehrman



Associate Director of Field Education

Rev. Dr. Lisl Heymans Paul



Field Education Handbook

A detailed description of our program, including sample forms.

(.pdf, 657K)

Field Education Course Description & Requirements

A description of the Field Education Program, its requirements and components. 

(.pdf, 851K)

Learning Goals for FE 600 and FE 610

Prequisites for Field Education

These are the courses that are required in order to register for Field Education.

(.pdf, 439K)

Field Site Discernment & Selection Process

We work with each student to determine the best site for them to grow in their vocational calling and skills. 

(.pdf, 439K)

First Year Student Information Form

Those seeking a field placement for the following academic year must complete this form and meet with the Director or Associate Director of Field Ed by Dec. 1 of the year before you want to begin in a ministry site.

Every MDiv and most MA students must meet with the Field Education staff at the end of the fall semester of their first year to discuss their field education vocational goals.  The attached form aids in the field site placement process.

(.doc, 40K)