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INT 500, Introduction to Theological Education (C. Anderson, Ray, Schreiner) (.pdf, 10K)
INT 580A, Cross-cultural Immersion (Pieterse) (.pdf, 44K)
INT 600, Leadership Seminar I (Cowser and Ehrman) (.pdf, 7K)
10 600, Final Integrative Project (R. Anderson) (.pdf, 39K)
INT 510, Person in Community (Armstrong) (.pdf, 17K)
INT 605X, Leadership Seminar (Teasdale) (.pdf, 323K)
INT-505, Practice and Theology of Christian Spirituality (Schmidt) (.pdf, 78K)
BIBHB 650, Biblical Hermeneutics: Judges (C. Anderson) (.pdf, 23K)
BIBHB 500, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Hopp-Peters) (.pdf, 130K)
BIBHB 511, Elementary Hebrew I (Arsers) (.pdf, 116K)
BIBNT 500A, Introduction to the New Testament (Yeo) (.pdf, 166K)
BIBNT 511, Elementary Greek I (Vena) (.pdf, 6K)
BIBNT 881, Study Tour of the Holy Land (Yeo) (.pdf, 189K)
BIBNT 500X, Introduction to the New Testament (Cosgrove) (.pdf, 41K)
HIST 501A, History of Christian Thought & Practice 1 (Papandrea) (.pdf, 178K)
HIST 501X, History of Christian Thought & Practice I (VanSlyke) (.pdf, 563K)
HIST 619, Early Christian Art (Papandrea and VanSlyke) (.pdf, 345K)
Hist 651, American Religious History Topics: Holywood: Cinema, History, & Religious Values (Murphy) (.pdf, 24K)
THEO 500, Introduction to Theology (Ray) (.pdf, 20K)
21-508, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology (Bryant) (.pdf, 81K)
THEO 540, Global Christianity in an Interfaith World (Pieterse) (.pdf, 33K)
THEO 665, Latnx Theologies in North America (Bedford) (.pdf, 96K)
THEO 850A, Topics in Theology: Julian of Norwich (Bedford) (.pdf, 196K)
22 506, Christian Moral Theology (Waters) (.pdf, 11K)
LTRGY 500 A and B, Preaching and Proclamation (Brooks) (.pdf, 75K)
LTRGY 607, Advanced Preaching (Brooks) (.pdf, 57K)
LTRGY 672, Sacred Music Colloquium 3 (R. Anderson) (.pdf, 18K)
LTRGY 510, United Methodist Worship: Theory and Practice (R. Anderson) (.pdf, 38K)
LTRGY 810, Liturgical Theology (R. Anderson) (.pdf, 18K)
PCC 500, Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling (Hogue) (.pdf, 168K)
PCC 800, Premarital, Marital, and Family Counseling (Armstrong) (.pdf, 48K)
PCC 850, Pscyhopathology and Maladaptive Behavior in Parish/Counseling (Armstrong) (.pdf, 18K)
PCC 819, Working Brain and Work of Theology (Hogue) (.pdf, 134K)
CE 520, Educating Christians for Social Change (Lee) (.pdf, 17K)
CE 850A, Seminar in Christian Education: Emancipatory Pedagogy (Blount) (.pdf, 60K)
CL 510X, Theology of Evangelism (Teasdale) (.pdf, 346K)
E34 602, Practicum/Supervision in Spiritual Direction/Companionship (Judy) (.pdf, 125K)
34 507, Spiritual Direction/Companionship (Schmidt) (.pdf, 87K)
34 602AB, Practicum/Supervision in Spiritual Direction (Schmidt) (.pdf, 94K)
DENOM 603, UM Studies: Wesley & the 19th Century (Bryant) (.pdf, 40K)
Denom 600 X, United Methodist History (LeMaster-Smith) (.pdf, 167K)
Denom 601 X, United Methodist Doctrine (LeMaster-Smith) (.pdf, 142K)
Denom 602X, United Methodist Polity (Hoxie-Schol) (.pdf, 127K)
DM 702X, Research Design and Methodology (Trefz) (.pdf, 86K)
PH 901, Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics (Ray and Hogue) (.pdf, 30K)
PH 910, Methods, Approaches, and Theories of Biblical Interpretation (Duncan and Vena) (.pdf, 43K)
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