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Weekly Reflection for 4/18/21

Acts 3:12-19

Psalm 4

1 John 3:1-7

Luke 24:36b-48


There are things we know, and then there are things we know to be true. And then there are things we know to be truth. At first glance these might all sound the same but as we wander the ever-evolving paths of this human life, we begin to recognize things as known, as true, or as truth. 

I know it’s April, for example, and I know what my name is. 

I believe that I am loved (and so are you), that everyone benefits from access to public education, and even that racial equity is what God intends for Her creation. These are things I know to be true. 

And then there is truth. The truth is that no matter what we know or know to be true, truth might stand up in the face of all of that knowing and say, “Peace be with you.” The disciples do the calculus in their minds as they take this in: we know Jesus was killed, and we believe we’re seeing a ghost. But here he goes in flesh and bone, asking for something to eat. In the Venn diagram of knowledge, what we know and what we know to be true don’t overlap even the tiniest bit with Truth.  


Faith is being called to be witnesses to a Truth of which we are not 100% certain. Faith is sitting in the middle of joy and disbelief and wonder and then feeding lunch to a ghost, no questions asked. Faith is preaching the good news when the bad comes knocking every night. Faith is saying I don’t know, and I’m not sure what I believe to be true, but this is what I know to be Truth.  


When illusions are called facts and opinion is called true, may the God of flesh and bone lead us to testify despite our trepidation, to dream despite our doubts, and to witness despite our wondering.   

-----written by Kristina Sinks


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