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Weekly Reflection for 4/4/2021

Acts 10:34-43

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

John 20:1-18


As we close celebrating Women’s HERstory Month, surely, we must include Mary Magdalene, as well as the other women the Synoptic Gospels mention, as Sheroes; as “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves!” They were in mourning, heartbroken and scared and yet they show up to do what is necessary. Think about their great faith – there were guards posted, a heavy stone blocking the entrance to the tomb and I am sure haters laughing at them for even trying! Jesus acknowledges their great faith by revealing himself to them FIRST; before the disciples, before the Pharisees, before ANYONE else. The Gospels share with us the Great Commission, to go (as we are going) share the Good News of Jesus Christ, but before that proclamation to the disciples, Jesus directs Mary to “go to my brothers…” – this is POWERFUL and full of PURPOSE! The Lord intentionally used a marginalized member of the community, but that really should NOT be a surprise since Luke records Jesus reciting the Isaiah’s prophetic words to “liberate the oppressed” at the beginning of his earthy ministry.  


Mary announces, “I have seen the Lord,” resurrecting her from a seemingly impossible situation. What do we need to be resurrected from? What “grave clothes” do we need to leave in the tomb and walk out in the love, light and liberty of Jesus Christ? Maybe grave clothes of fear, anger, despair, disappointment, anxiety, hopelessness, exhaustion, et al? Jesus rose singing “Victory is Mine, Victory is Mine, Victory today is mine, I told Satan, get thee behind, Victory today is mine!” With the Holy Spirit as our guide, Victory today is available for you and me, in Jesus Name, Ashé and Amen!    

-----written by Rev. Tracey Kenney

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