Prescription PDFs

To find out what tier your prescription drugs are in, please open this PDF. It is more than 200 pages, so press CTRL + F and a box will appear where you can type in the name of your prescription and hit enter. This will then find your prescription name in the document. From there, you will look at the abbreviation in the "Drug Tier" column. Here is the key:

CE = Copay Exception: Available to some members at no cost with a prescription from your provider when obtained at an in-network pharmacy. Certain limitations may apply.
NF = Non-formulary, not covered unless exception request granted
NP = Non-Preferred Brand and Generic
NPS = Non-Preferred Specialty
PB = Preferred Brand
PG = Preferred Generic
PSP = Preferred Specialty

You would then look at the PPO, HDHP, or HMO plan designs to see what you would pay for your prescription(s). You will find the drug tier information on either page 2 or 3 of the plan summary designs.

(.pdf, 6825K)

This is a list of Aetna's Value Drugs.

(.pdf, 78K)

This flyer tells you how to get enrolled with CVS Caremark for mail order prescriptions.

(.pdf, 82K)