What is myGETS? Is this different from the old Studentweb? What about Campusweb? What about Moodle? Where did they all go?

Everything you used the old Studentweb and Campusweb for in the past is still there within the new and expanded myGETS, so you can find everything you need in the menu bar or more tab once you sign in. The difference for you is that the new, expanded myGETS enables you to do much more in one convenient place. It includes everything from library resources, class discussions to useful links, pages for student clubs and organizations and the community calendars. You can reach your Moodle courses through myGETS by clicking My Courses.

How does Moodle fit into all of this?

Moodle is now a part of the expanded myGETS. Once you log in to myGETS, navigate to Moodle by clicking on “MyCourses” powered by Moodle at the top of your screen.

How do I sign in to myGETS?

To sign in to myGETS use your Windows network login and password. This is the same account and password you use for other systems like the computers in the Faculty Lounge. When signing in to the main myGETS entry point at  use this format:  

User name:   < firstname.lastname>   
  < Your password >    

As a faculty member, will I still be able to post class lists, grades and shared documents for classes on the new myGETS?
Yes, all functions of the older version of myGETS and the portal are still available to you, including posting class lists, student grades, discussions and shared documents. You log in to myGETS to see these resources conveniently housed in one place.