What is myGETS, and what is an “intranet?”

The new and expanded myGETS is your new home base for “all things Garrett” –all online services, information and announcements of the Seminary.

myGETS is accessible only to members of the Garrett community—namely our students, faculty and staff. This means you! Set myGETS as your personal homepage since you will use it daily to access Garrett and world news, register for classes, monitor your student account, class documents and discussions, useful links and other campus resources.

An intranet is a secure online world of resources created just for members of a community, such as students, faculty and staff. You will use myGETS, the Garrett intranet, in many ways to help you navigate your student experience.

Is this different from the old Studentweb? What about Campusweb? What about Moodle? Where did they all go?

Everything you used the old myGETS, portal and Moodle for in the past is still there  within the new and expanded myGETS, so you can find everything you need in the menu bar or more tab once you sign in. The difference for you is that the new, expanded myGETS enables you to do much more in one convenient place. It includes everything from library resources, class discussions to useful links, pages for student clubs and organizations and the community calendars.

Why do I have to sign in to see my myGETS homepage?

Members of the Garrett student, faculty and staff community sign in to myGETS because the information provided by myGETS is only for you. myGETS is where you will find communication from faculty, student organizations, the office of the registrar, student financial services, and the university administration. This includes your personal student information, so signing in ensures that you are in a secure area, especially when viewing your academic information and making account payments. You can also access course materials online.      

myGETS is an internal tool. All information intended for audiences of Garrett external to our campus community can be found at

 How do I sign in to myGETS?

To sign in to myGETS, use your network login and password.   This is the same account and password you use for other systems like qmail. When signing in to the main myGETS entry point at use this format:  

Username:    StudentID   
your password

For example, a student named “John Doe”  would enter 123456  as his user name and enter his student  account password in the password area.  

If I don’t have my network login information, how do I get it?

There are a couple of ways to get your account information. If you are a new first-time student who registered early this information may have been mailed to you. If you did not receive this information in the mail you can get it in two ways:

1.    On campus: visit either IT Services, the Registrar’s office or your Dean’s office and they can print off your account info sheet. Be sure you bring your student ID with you.