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The mission of the Registrar’s Office is to care for students and to care for the seminary. We protect student records, facilitate registration, and offer academic guidance for the educational success of students. We also help the seminary remain accountable to the rules and policies to which the seminary has chosen to be responsible – the policies of our accreditors, denominational rules, and the institutional policies that we have set for ourselves. In this way, we make it possible for the seminary to prepare leaders for the church, the academy, and the world. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance (
   Director of Academic Studies & Registrar 
 Vince McGlothin-Eller  
(Available on google chat and via SMS at 847.859.9031 during regular office hours)
 Assistant Registrar & PhD Coordinator 
 Tina Shelton 
  Academic Advisor & DMin Coordinator 
  Andrea Leftwich