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Garrett-Evangelical takes the question of academic integrity and plagiarism very seriously.  All incoming students are required to complete an online tutorial designed to help them identify and avoid plagiarism.  We provide additional resources for students through the library, the writing center, and a group of student proofreaders.
All professors are required to respond to all suspected incidents of academic dishonesty, especially plagiarism. (Note that many faculty use plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin to assist in checking submitted work.)  All incidents of plagiarism or academic dishonesty will be reported to the registrar's office.
Full details of expectations and responses can be found in the complete plagiarism policy below.
Current institutional plagiarism policy:

Plagiarism Tutorial

Garrett-Evangelical makes use of the online plagiarism tutorial developed and hosted by Indiana University.  Incoming students must successfully complete the graduate-level tutorial before the end of their first term.

United Library Citations Page

The United Library offers access to a variety of style guides, citation management software, and other writing resources.

The Writing Center

Dr. Diane Capitani serves as director of the Writing Center.  She teaches courses designed to assist students in developing the skills needed for theological research and writing and holds office hours to meet with individual students to help them improve their writing.

Student Proofreaders

Student proofreaders are managed by the Administrator for Academic Affairs.  All proofreaders have been vetted for their attention to detail and ability to work with our diverse student body.