Garrett IT Services is responsible for the maintenance and operational support of technology in classrooms on campus as well as providing training. G-ITS also provides a full range of Audio/Visual equipment for faculty and staff to use in classrooms. Equipment can be reserved by emailing


G-ITS staff is available to instruct users in the operation of various equipment and technologies:

Multimedia control systems in classrooms that may include sound systems, computers, video projection, VCR and document cameras.


G-ITS can repair most types of Garrett owned audiovisual and electronic equipment. We also provide repair and preventative maintenance of installed multimedia systems in the classrooms on campus. E-mail if you find equipment in need of repair. 

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Skype Group Calls

Follow the link and watch the video to see how to make a group video call in just under a minute. A step-by-step guide is also available below the video under the heading "Making a group video call"


How to accept a Skype contact request

To talk with friends and family, you’ll first need to share contact details. If  you send someone a contact request, here are the directions you may need to help them accept you request before you can talk to them.

Instructions for accepting a contact request
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