A brief explanation of teaching learning modalities at Garrett:

  1. In-Person: A 100% real-time course taking place on campus or at other locations, with set meeting times during semesters, J-terms, or summer terms, in which instructor(s) and learners are in the same learning environment. This includes domestic and travel seminars, and weekend intensives.
    1. Travel: A subset of in-person courses, courses that involve travel outside of the Chicago-area (eg., Proctor Conference, Holy Land, Rome, etc) will be flagged as Travel courses to distinguish them from courses meeting primarily in other locations
  2. Hybrid: A course with blended in-person and online components designed by the instructor, in which students must meet in-person and/or online during the meeting times and modality preset for the course. The online component may be synchronous or asynchronous. All students must engage the same modality set by the instructor.
  3. Blended Synchronous: A course offered as in-person and synchronous online at the same time; in-class and remote learners engage in the same learning environment. Students may choose which modality to participate in from week to week. Instructors will track the modalities and notify the registrar’s office at the end of the term.
  4. Online - Synchronous: Fully online course in which all learners participate in preset meeting times as live sessions.
  5. Online - Asynchronous: Fully online course in which learners complete preset course work fully online with no set meeting times. There would be no required live sessions.
  6. Online – Mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous (or “Bichronous”): A fully online course that combines synchronous and asynchronous engagement for all students. Students must follow the modality as predetermined by the course.
  7. HyFlex: A course that is designed for both synchronous (in-person and online) and asynchronous online engagement, and students may choose how to participate from session to session. 

Note: There will courses designed such that in-person and online learners meet synchronously, but they may not switch modality without prior approval of the instructor.

Additional Important Notes:

  • As of summer 2021, Federal policy considers a course with any online component, regardless of the percentage, to be an online course.
  • International students in the US with F-1 visas are limited to one (1) online course/semester. International students who remain in their home countries do not have such restrictions.
  • Our strategic plan commits us to ensuring that all master’s students can complete their degrees both in person and fully online.
  • Per ATS, PhD students may do up to 50% of their coursework “remotely.” This includes any courses taken online as well as courses taken at other schools (as we currently require for most of our programs).


--updated 3/15/2023

2023-2024 Course Schedules

Updated 11/21/2023

  • PCC-900 cancelled; will be rescheduled for summer TBA
  • THEO-850A Intersectionality moved to spring
  • Confirmed DMin courses, dates, instructors
  • Moved PH-903 to Spring 2024
  • Added THEO-850A Intersectionality and Contemporary Theologies; meets Monday & Tuesday in-person; Wednesday-Friday online
  • PM-502/504 - date and time added for retreat
  • DENOM603 schedule set
(.pdf, 333K)

Updated 11/20/2023

  • DENOM625 UMC General Conference; profs and prereq added; additional details TBA
  • PCC-850 professor and schedule confirmed; modality changed to Blended Synch
  • HIST-805 synchronous dates confirmed
  • PCC-950B and PCC-960B moved to Tuesday mornings
  • Added THEO-850A Intersectionality and Contemporary Theologies
  • CL-621 professor and schedule updated
  • LTRGY850 dates updated
  • PCC-865 professor and schedule confirmed
  • LTRGY651 Seminar in worship topic change
  • ETH-830 Queer Theoethics schedule confirmed
  • CL-510 day/time confirmed
  • CL-609 modality changed to Blended Synch
  • CE-815 schedule confirmed
  • Added PH-903 and confirmed schedule
  • Added DMin Spring courses and instructors
  • Confirmed dates for THEO-650A
  • DENOM604 schedule set
  • THEO-850 Race in America schedule set
  • Greek II instructor and modality confirmed
  • CL-510 moved to Tuesday evening only
  • CE-690 MAFCEL only course modality confirmed
  • THEO-604 added as 3 weekend course
  • THEO-650/SP-650 Prayer and Theology changed to in-person only over 3 weekends
  • HIST-502A time change
  • Added CRPC clinical courses
(.pdf, 377K)

Updated 4/2/2024

  • Corrected course number for DMin course
  • Corrected dates for LTRGY510 to start on Monday
  • Added DMin courses for summer 2024
  • CE-661 dates confirmed/updated
  • Confirmed dates for Rome travel course; please note that the first deposit is due in November 2023, so contact Dr. Papandrea ASAP if interested.
(.pdf, 340K)

2024-2025 Course Schedules

Updated 4/12/2024

  • Added Dr. Ngwa's 2 Hebrew Bible electives
  • Confirmed time/modality for DENOM615 CME History
  • Dates/times confirmed for both section HIST-501
  • HIST-608 moved to online
  • Praying with the Earth given new course number; cross-listed as a spirituality elective; modality changed to in-person
  • African American Preaching moved to Tuesday nigh, online-only
  • corrected typo on day for HIST-650A
  • added LTRGY813 Eucharist
  • confirmed details for DMin Spiritual Direction Practicum 2
  • day/time change for PCC-500 (to Thursday mornings)
(.pdf, 377K)

Updated 3/21/2024

  • Added BIBNT881 travel dates and contact details
(.pdf, 340K)

Updated 4/12/2024

  • added Dr. Ngwa's courses - online Intro to Hebrew Bible and 1 elective
  • removed BIBHB604A Jonah & Ruth
  • added CE-830 Methods of Qualitative Research
  • added placeholder for Substance Abuse course
  • changed day/time for LTRGY510 UM Worship
  • changed time for LTRGY811 Sacramental Theology
(.pdf, 370K)

Updated 2/22/2024

(.pdf, 323K)