A brief explanation of course modalities at Garrett:

  • Classroom/In-Person: a live course taking place on campus (or other location)
  • Hybrid: blended course with in-person and online components for all students; at least 50% in person; counts as in-person
  • HyFlex: course that allows students to choose in-person or online from session to session; if student attends more than 50% in-person, counts as in-person; if student attends more than 50% online; counts toward online course limits
  • Online - Asynchronous: Fully online course with no set meeting times; counts toward online course limits
  • Online - Mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous: Fully online with some set meeting times; counts toward online course limits
  • Online - Synchronous: Fully online where all meeting times are live sessions; counts toward online course limits
  • Travel: Course taking place in-person in another location; counts as in-person


2021-2022 Course Schedules

Posted 8/31/21


  • PH 910X, meeting times added
  • CL 521Y, meeting times changed
  • PCC 801, cancelled
  • THEO 650 BX converted to doctoral level, THEO 850 BX and moved to Monday evenings
  • INT 605Z, cancelled
  • THEO 650 A converted to a HyFlex course; prereqs removed
  • BIBNT500 converted to HyFlex course, Tue 8:30 to 10:30 am Central time
  • INT 850A Honoring the Body added; hybrid/weekend; no prereqs
  • BIBHB511 Hebrew 1 changed to synchronous online course

8/31 update includes multiple room number changes


(.pdf, 95K)

updated 11/08/2021



  • PCC-850 - additional class date added
  • BIBHB650 - cancelled
  • INT-505 - added; please note first meeting date is January 4
  • DM-727 - date change; moved ahead one week
  • DM-744 - first meeting date corrected
(.pdf, 81K)

updated 12/02/2021


  • BIBNT500 has shifted times half-hour earlier
  • LTRGY850 Preaching and/as Theater has been cancelled
  • INT-505 Practice and Theology of Christian Spirituality has moved to Tuesday afternoon
  • BIBHB603 Daniel - synchronous meeting day/time set
  • BIBNT803 - updated topic; date change
  • LTRGY500B Preaching - changed to synchronous online course
  • added DMin Kellogg courses for spring
  • PCC-660 - added as cross-listing of CE-830
  • THEO-850A - shifting to Hybrid; will begin term online and shift to in-person later in term
  • CE-830/PCC-660 - dates changed
(.pdf, 102K)

updated 11/29/2021


  • BIBNT500 has shifted half-hour earlier
  • ETH-650 - dates/times added
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2020-2021 Course Schedules



Posted 5/12/21


Please note that although courses will be held in an online/remote modality, some may require weekly or occasional synchronous meetings.  Please always refer to the course syllabus for more detailed information about meeting times and requirements. 


  • DM 723, instructor change
  • PCC 850X, instructor announced
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Updated 2/2/2021



(.pdf, 84K)

Updated 10/30/2020



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Updated 9/8/2020


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