Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary now has Perspectives as the provider for our Employee Assistance Program. This page provides you with resources and information about their services and the link to access their website or download their app to begin taking advantage of what they offer.

EAP services are also available to your spouse, domestic partner, and children. Perspectives also considers family as anyone you are thinking or worrying about so if that includes your parents or an aunt or uncle, then you can feel free to put these people in your life in touch with Perspectives, too.

Accessing Perspectives services on and after September 1

Our service doesn’t begin until September 1, so on that date and after, here are the ways to connect with Perspectives

  • Call 800-456-6327
  • Visit
    • Username: Garrett
    • Password: perspectives
  • Download their Perspectives Spark app from the App Store or Google Play Store. See the Spark Flyer at right for instructions. Please note that the Spark app does not have all of the same resources as the Perspectives website.

If you do experience any issues with their service and you feel comfortable bringing it to my attention, then please let me know. You can reach me at or at 847-866-3928. I want to be sure all employees have a positive experience and the support they need when they contact Perspectives.

EAPs Offer More Than Counseling

The days of the EAP program being only accessed for counseling are behind us. Yes, they do still offer this valuable service, but they do so much more. Perspectives takes a partnership approach in working with us and they want our employees to know the myriad of resources available to you. They provide information, support, services, and/or referrals for childcare, eldercare, legal, nutrition, health, work, and finances. You can also contact them for convenience services like helping you find home repair services, pet care, home cleaning, fitness programs, and more. They have said if our employees are looking for anything even a restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact them. If they can’t provide you with what you need they can provide you with a referral. See the Perspectives Work-Life Program Flyer at right for a full list of services.

Short List of Services Provided by Perspectives

Here are the highlights of what you have available from Perspectives:

  • Six free counseling sessions (our previous provider only had five free sessions)
  • One 60-minute consultation with a nutritionist plus more than 700 health videos, more than 200 dietician recipes, and interactive health assessments
  • Child and elder care pre-screened resources
  • Two 30-minute sessions with a career coach in addition to resume reviews
  • More than 60 Skillbuilder tutorials in topics like change management, communication, conflict resolution, and more (see attached Skillbuilders List)
  • Monthly webinars (see attached 2020 Webinars)
  • One monthly newsletter for all employees and one monthly newsletter for supervisors
  • One 30-minute consultation with an attorney in their network (25% reduction in future attorney fees) plus find over 100 legal forms on their website
  • One 30-minute consultation with a mediator in their network
  • One 60-minute consultation with a fraud specialist—if you were to have your identity stolen
  • Financial resources and 200+ financial calculators

Welcome Presentation

This is the recorded presentation of the services available to Garrett Employees through our EAP provider, Perspectives.

(.ppsx, 14979K)

Perspectives Services Brochures and Flyers

This is a one-page comprehensive list of all services offered by Perspectives.

(.pdf, 302K)

A two-page brochure reviewing more details of some of Perspectives services.

(.pdf, 946K)

This is a one-page flyer overview of the Perspectives home page.

(.pdf, 263K)

Perspectives Spark App

This is the information to follow to download the Perspectives Spark App.

(.pdf, 796K)

This flyer announces the Perspective Spark App with some of its features including video counseling.

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