Garrett-Evangelical seeks to support and assist students of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary who are considering academic accommodations because of disability or health conditions.  Ms. Krista McNeil, director of academic studies and registrar, oversees the accommodations process and procedures.        

The first step to seeking an academic accommodation is to contact Ms. Krista McNeil at or 847.866.3907.  Reasonable accommodations will only be considered for students who have met with Ms. McNeil and filed appropriate paperwork and documentation.


Types of Accommodations

Accommodations can be made for students who have documented learning, physical, medical or psychological conditions.  Both long-term and short term accommodations are possible. 

 Types of architectural accessibility accommodations might include:  Classroom accommodations (ensuring accessible seating, wheelchair access, etc.); residential modifications for students living in the seminary apartments or dormitories.

 Types of academic accommodations include: exam and testing modifications, writing support, note taking support, assistive learning systems, readers, audio recordings, large print materials, and other auxiliary aids.


Paperwork and Documentation

Students who are seeking accommodation will need to fill out several forms and review the seminary’s entire accommodation policy. 

Documentation of the student’s condition, especially for hidden disabilities or chronic health conditions, must be current, completed, and signed by a professional such as a physician, psychologist, or rehabilitation counselor.