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To use Microsoft Word forms: Many of the forms on this page use Microsoft form fields.  This allows you to type your information directly into the form without changing the overall formatting.  Simply use the key to move between fields, type in your information, save, and then you can attach it to an e-mail or print it out.  Use of e-mail address constitutes your signature. 
If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the registrar’s office at 847.866.3905 or
Most used forms
Extension Form (.pdf, 354K)
Petition Form (.pdf, 209K)
Independent Study Form (.pdf, 149K)
General Student forms
Add-Drop-Audit Form.docx (.pdf, 127K)
Advisor Change Request.docx (.docx, 116K)
Change of Address.docx (.docx, 111K)
Change of Status - Student Initiated.docx (.docx, 118K)
CPE Registration Form (.pdf, 312K)
MDiv Field Concentration Completion Form.docx (.docx, 113K)
MDiv Field Concentration Intention Form (.pdf, 227K)
Degree Change Application (.docx, 38K)
Human Subject Review Application.docx (.docx, 113K)
Human Subjects Review Policies.pdf (.pdf, 20K)
Transcript Request form.docx (.docx, 114K)
FERPA (.pdf, 99K)
Cross-Registration Information
ACTS Cross-Registration Form (.docx, 37K)
ACTS PhD Cross-registration process.pdf (.pdf, 10K)
NU cross-registration instructions.pdf (.doc, 28K)
Northwestern Course Request for Garrett - Form 1 (.docx, 112K)
Northwestern Grade Release Form - Form 2 (.pdf, 69K)
Northwestern Intent to Cross Register - Form 3 (.docx, 23K)
NU Former Student Re-Entry - Form 4.pdf (.pdf, 104K)
Kellogg_Course_Request_Form[1].doc (.doc, 29K)
Evaluation Information
MDiv and MA Evaluations and Portfolio.pdf (.pdf, 104K)
MTS Evaluation and Materials.doc (.doc, 222K)
Final Integrative Stance MA.pdf (.pdf, 51K)
Final Integrative Project MDiv.pdf (.pdf, 59K)
To Be Completed During the Evaluation
Mid-Program Form - MDiv.docx (.docx, 116K)
Mid-Program Form - MACE.docx (.docx, 113K)
Mid-Program Form - MAMM.docx (.docx, 114K)
Mid-Program Form - MASFE.docx (.docx, 114K)
Mid-Program Form - MTS new.docx (.docx, 113K)
MTS Forms
MTS Thesis Certification Form.doc (.doc, 125K)
MTS Thesis Guidelines.doc (.doc, 128K)
MTS Thesis Registration Form.docx (.docx, 114K)
MTS Mid Point Evaluation and Materials (.pdf, 88K)
MTS Mid Point Evaluation Form (to be completed during the Evaluation) (.docx, 113K)
MTS Request for an Outside Committee Member (.docx, 119K)
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