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Tips from the Registrar - Registration Reminders

January and Spring term registration opens on November 1 at 10:00 a.m. Chicago time for doctoral students, BGTS students, and students who have applied to graduate in May. All other students can register November 15 at 10:00 a.m. Chicago time.

Summer and Fall term registration opens on March 15 at 10:00 a.m. Chicago time for doctoral students, BGTS students, and students who have applied to graduate the next year. All other students can register April 1 at 10:00 a.m. Chicago time.


Upcoming trip to Rome - May 2024

Dr. Papandrea will be leading a study trip to Rome in May as a part of our summer offerings. This courses counts as a History elective for those who might need one. Registration for summer will not open until April, but the first deposit for the trip is due in November. If you are interested in the travel course, please contact Dr. Papandrea as soon as possible at

UPDATED Modality Names/Descriptions

As of March 15, 2023, the names and descriptions of the teaching learning modalities that Garrett uses for courses have been updated. This was done to help clarify our own terminology and bring it in line with standard language that is evolving across higher ed institutions. While most of this is clarification only of existing modalities, there are two changes I want to highlight. You can see the full listing on the Course Schedules page here:

First, the definition of HyFlex has been updated to match industry standards. A HyFlex course is one where students can interact with a course in-person, synchronously online, or asynchronously online as needed throughout a term. This is a bit of a change from the usage we have had, and we will see far fewer HyFlex courses in the future.

But do not fear for we have replaced the former usage with Blended Synchronous. This is the new term for courses that will be live in-person and synchronous online at the same time and will allow students to switch back and forth. This is what we formerly called HyFlex.

Finally, a note that you will see one other thing on the new schedules. There are some courses that will offer the opportunity for students to be in-person on campus or synchronous online at the same time. However, students must select their intended modality in advance and stick to it. These will show as two (or more) linked sections on the schedules with the particular modality for that particular registration noted. You must choose at the time of registration how you intend to take the course. You may change up to the end of registration.

NEW Student Information pages

Based on feedback received from students, we are beginning the process of updating the Student Information pages. With the recent transitions in the communications office, work on this project will continue through the remainder of the academic year. You may notice new links, changes in titles, or new features as we work through the updates. We will share additional information about new site navigation and features as soon as possible.

Sexual Boundaries and Ethics workshops

All master's students and PhD students are required to complete a Sexual Ethics and Boundaries workshop as a part of their program. MDiv and MA students need to complete a workshop before participating in Field Education. PhD students need to complete a workshop before their first TA experience. Dr. Kate Ott has developed an updated curriculum for these workshops that includes online materials and a 5-hour live session. Students on an academic plan will see the recommended course appear in Student Registration and can add it alongside other classes. Students can also search for courses codes starting with INT to find the courses.

These courses are also listed on the PDF schedules so that you can see the planned dates.

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Getting Ready for Registration

  • Check the status of your student account on myGETS. Clear any holds that will prevent you from registering. Not sure if you have a hold? Login to myGETS, and go to Student Information. A message will appear under the Registration heading in red indicating a hold if one is active. To discover the type of hold and how to clear it, click on the Planning or Registration buttons. A red Hold button will appear under Add/Drop courses. Clicking that will give you more information about any holds and how to clear them. You can also contact the Registrar’s Office to find out at
  • Meet with your advisor to talk about the courses you want to take to make sure they fit into your degree curriculum. After you have registered, be sure to notify your advisor; classes are not finalized and you will be unable to access Moodle until your advisor approves the registrations.
  • If you have taken a leave of absence and are planning to return, please contact the registrar about your plans to return from leave and continue your studies. This way we can renew your registration status in time for you to register.
  • Planning to cross-register?  Review the Association of Chicago Theological Schools’ website. If you hope to fulfill a required elective with a cross-registration course, be sure to seek approval from the faculty in that field first. Submit completed ACTS Cross-registration forms to
  • If you have accessibility needs related to your participation in classes, you can find information about options on the seminary web page. You may also contact Dean Karen Mosby at to discuss next steps.
  • Limited housing is available on campus for those planning to attend courses during intensives. Additional information about living spaces and housing forms can be found on the seminary web page.

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Registration Deadlines

Last Day to Register

  • Fall semester
    • August intensive - two weeks before session start
    • Regular term - first day of classes
  • January intensive - last day of Fall semester
  • Spring semester - first day of classes
  • Summer intensives - four weeks before course start

Last Day to Drop Without Notation (no refund after this date)

  • All intensive sessions - end of first class day
  • Fall and Spring semesters - end of second week

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How to Register

A Quick Guide to Planning and/or Registering for Courses

  1. Go to https://mygets/ and login using the firstname.lastname portion of your Garrett email account as the Username
  2. Once logged in, click on Student Information
  3. Under the Registration heading in the right column, select the term you would like to plan or register for and click Planning or Registration.
    1. Plan – Students can begin searching courses and plan out their schedule in advance. Planning opens approximately 1 month before registration. The planning process is nearly identical to the registration process, except that you are not enrolled in classes yet.
    2. Register – Students can register for classes once registration begins. The search process is identical. Whether you select courses through Planning or Registration, you will need to select the Registration Checkout button after registration opens, confirm your course selections, and then click Register.
  4. Under Add/Drop courses, you may again choose Plan or Registrar, or you may choose Course Search to search upcoming courses.
  5. On the My Schedule screen, you will find several options for selecting courses.
    1. For Master’s students who entered in Fall 2022 or later, a section will appear called My Academic Plan. This area will show the program requirements recommended for completion that term. Clicking a requirement will show you available courses in that term for meeting the requirement. Click the Plus button next to the course you want to add.
    2. All students may also use the Course Search option to select courses according to other criteria. Unlike previous versions, these fields are more intuitive and can find courses based only on part of a word. Even so, the more options you enter, the less likely you are to find exact matches.
    3. For student who are on an academic plan, you should also be able to select Future Requirements to select a course on your plan that is currently planned for a different term.
  6. If registration has not yet opened, your course selection will remain on hold. You can use this opportunity to meet with your advisor to review your plan for the term.
  7. Please note that registration is not complete simply because you have added courses to your planning calendar. You MUST complete the registration checkout in order to be registered.
  8. Once registration opens, you will need to follow steps 1-3 above to return to the My Schedule screen. Click on the green Registration Checkout button at the upper right of the calendar-view. You will be asked to confirm your courses. Then click on Register to finish the process.

A more detailed guide with screen shots can be found here:

Registration Error Messages

Most registration Warnings can be ignored and will not fully block registration. In fact, one of the Warnings simply states "Please ignore this warning." Clicking Continue will add the course to your planning calendar.

Most registration Errors will block your registration and will not allow you to proceed. They usually say something like ‘Unable to add this course.’

If you have any questions or concerns about your registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

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Planning to Graduate?

Students who are intending to graduate are able to register as part of the priority registration group, which opens two weeks before general registration. In order to be included in this group, you must complete a graduation request. The graduation request is also our flag that you are planning to finish your studies so that we may double check your progress and help you plan the rest of your time at Garrett.

To be included in the priority registration group, you must complete the graduation request form at least 3 days before registration is scheduled to open. This assures we have time to change your registration group before registration opens.

To assure we have time to complete the necessary degree reviews before graduation, students should apply no later than the end of the Fall semester for spring graduation. Student who wish to receive the diploma in mid-fall must apply by the end of July and complete all program requirements before the end of September. Commencement is held only once a year at the end of the Spring semester.

Apply here for Graduation

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