Flyers on Aetna's Value-Added Services

These flyers provide information on the additional services provided by Aetna to promote your health, wellness, and emotional wellbeing.

This is an 8-week behavioral health program. Once each week you meet with a therapist to address emotional challenges like depression, stress, and anxiety that can come with a medical diagnosis. A second time each week you meet with a behavioral coach to identify health goals and develop an action plan. There is no additional cost for this benefit.

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This flyer provides information on Aetna's discount program where you can receive discounts on vision care, health coaching, and other health and wellness products and services.

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Attain by Aetna app combines your health history with your Apple Watch activity to offer personalized goals, achievable actions, and big rewards — like an Apple Watch or gift cards.
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This flyer provides information on Aetna's 24-hour Nurse Line.

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Employees can seek service at Minute Clinics found in CVS and Target stores at no cost. Please note the fine print in the flyer. Those on an HDHP, who have not yet met their deductible would have to pay out of pocket. Those on PPO and HMO plans would have no cost.

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Aetna members have access to immediate Teledoc services as outlined in this flyer. Please note there are fees to use this service.

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This program provides additional support to pregnant members.

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Your Personal Health Record (PHR) lives on your Aetna member website and is powered by their patented CareEngine® technology. It scans the information in your personal health record and compares it to thousands of the latest medical guidelines. If PHR spots potential medical problems, drug interactions or gaps in care (like missed tests or procedures), it’ll send you and your doctor an alert.
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